Childbirth Model Set, Best Seller, 1/each

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Item Number:          260648



  • This time-tested set includes a 19" cloth Fetal Model that can demonstrate any presentation or position; a Pelvis Model through which the Fetal Model can be delivered; a Perineal Cloth Model that attaches to the pelvis to show stretching of the perineum and possible episiotomy; and a Placenta/Cord/ Amnion/Chorion Model. The Fetal Model can be placed inside the simulated amniotic sac and the umbilical cord attaches to the model's "belly button." Each model also sold separately.

Item Number 260648
Length 19 in
Width 8 in
Height 8 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 19x8x8
Product Weight 6 lbs

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