Multi-Type BSE Model, Beige, 1/each

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Item Number:          260201



  • Finding a lump during self-examination usually doesn't mean it's cancer. Likewise, not finding a lump isn't a 100-percent guarantee everything is fine. Stressing that breast health is maintained by combining self-exam, mammography and clinical exams, this interactive display features three BIOLIKE 2 models: one resembling normal tissue, one simulating a fibrocystic condition, and one with both palpable and non-palpable lumps.
  • Inclues carrying case
  • 13-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 14-1/2"

Item Number 260201
Length 6 in
Width 21 in
Height 15.75 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 6x21x15.75
Product Weight 8.6 lbs

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