Refurbished Baxter Sigma Spectrum, 1/each

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Item Number:          130217



  • Refurbished Sigma Spectrum (Baxter® Configured)
    Includes Customizable Educational Drug Library
    • Drug Error Prevention
    Prevents wrong dose mode and dose rate.
    • Master Drug Library (MDL)
    PC Based, pharmacy edited and controlled, customized in-house library of all IV and epidural drugs, along with their safe delivery parameters. Up to 1000 drugs and 32 care areas. Each drug entry includes the care area, drug name, concentration, dose rate mode, bolus mode, starting dose rate, soft (able to be exceeded) and hard (not able to be exceeded, an optional setting) dose rate and bolus limits, volume to be infused (VTBI), primary or secondary IV container, and drug configurations.
    • Drug Library Transfer
    Transfer from a wireless network connection to pumps using wireless battery modules. Transfer from the PC to a PDA and then transfer by infrared from the PDA to a pump.
    • Infusion Modes
    Large and small volume parenterals (LVP).
    • Standard Gravity IV Sets
    Uses standard gravity IV sets (from Hospira or Baxter).
  • Includes 1 Year Warranty

Item Number 130217
Length 4.2 in
Width 2.5 in
Height 5.8 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 4.2x2.5x5.8
Product Weight 2.2 lbs

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