Practi-30mL Vial (for training) w/Sterile Water, 1/each

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Item Number:          130145



Practi-30 mL Vial™ for clinical training. Teach your students the sterile techniques of large vial handling, air replacement, dosage aspiration and needle withdrawal with our Practi-30 mL Vial. A variety of simulated drug scenarios can be demonstrated with this task trainer.

Practi-30 mL Vial is filled with distilled water and is safe for use with Manikins. Practi-30 mL vial is a simulated version of the large vials often used in nursing, EMS and pharmacy programs.

Once your students master the techniques of larger vial handling, complete the experience with an injection into the Practi-Injecta Pad™.

Watch confidence and competency increase as your students master the fundamentals of sterile vial handling and build muscle memory using only safe, distilled water with Wallcur’s high quality Practi-Vials.

Wallcur’s distilled water Practi-Vials are safe for use with manikins.

Item Number 130145
Length 2.75 in
Width 1.25 in
Height 1.25 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 2.75x1.25x1.25
Product Weight 0.1 lbs

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