Reconditioned Alaris 8120 PCA Module, 1yr. Warranty, 1/each

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Item Number:          130211



Refurbished Alaris 8120 PCA Module.  The Refurbished Alaris 8120 PCA Module is used for delivery of pain management medications via patient-controlled dosing.  Syringe-based technology with secure drug access attaches easily to the Alaris PCU  *Provides the unique ability to automatically pause the PCA infusion and deactivate the patient dose request card if a patient falls below your hospital-defined % SpO2 and/or low respiratory EtCO2 limits when used with the PCA module  *Different dose ranges for the same drug based on patient diagnosis (e.g. acute pain versus chronic pain)  *Common user interface that reduces training time and programming complexity. *1-Year Warranty

The drug library is located on the "brains/PCU" on the medley.  The 8000/8015 is the brain and will have the drug library for all of the modules  (syringe module, infusion pump module, and PCA module) that are attached. So the 8000/8015 might not have a drug library, or it might have a drug library but not PCA drugs on it.  

Item Number 130211
Length 13.5 in
Width 4.5 in
Height 7 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 13.5x4.5x7
Product Weight 4.2 lbs

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