• Foley Catheter, Latex, 5cc, w/Non-Sterile Swabs, 12Fr (Packed as if sterile for Education Purpose) 1 Foley Urethral Catheter, 12Fr 1 2000 mL Drainage Bag with Pre-connected Foley with 5 mL Balloon 1 Syringe, 10mL, Pre-filled with Sterile water 2 Medium Latex-Free Vinyl Gloves, Powder-Free 1 Underpad, Moisture-proof 1 Fenestrated Drape, Absorbent 2 Pkg Simulated Swabsticks with Distilled Water 1 Rubber Band and Bed Sheet Clamp 1 Lubricating Jelly Packet 1 Urine Collectin Vial with Cap and Label 1 Tamper Evident Seal 1 Prep Deck

Item Number 8502cs
Length 15 in
Width 13.5 in
Height 10 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 15x13.5x10
Product Weight 9 lbs

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