Functional, Sapphire, Mobile Training Headwall, 36

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Item Number:          250103



  • Duplex emergency
    Plug and play headwall
    Compressed air inlet receptacle
    Compressor line/tank
    Vacuum slide with moisture trap
    Nurse call cover
    Super silent compressor
    Mounting strip
    Vacuum regulator
    Floor stand with tubing nipple “T" Accessories:
    (1) Vacuum regulator (Intermittent/ Continuous)
    (1) Oxygen flowmeter with humidifier
    (1) Air flowmeter
    (1) 1500mL Canister with tubing
    (1) Utility basket
    (1) 1500mL Canister with tubing
    (1) Utility basket

Item Number 250103
Length 14 in
Width 6 in
Height 36 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 14x6x36
Product Weight 90 lbs

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