• Central lines and their special care require an elevated attention to detail. This results in additional time to properly change these dressings to minimize the risk of infection. Reduce wasted time and componentry with central line dressing change trays. S=Suresite Window, SV=Sureview, T=Tegaderm
  • Mask, Alcohol Swab 1/pk, ChloraPrep 3mL applicator, (2)Gauze Sponge 4"4", Transparent Dressing (T), Transparent Dressing w/Border (T), Tape, Aloetouch Gloves LF pair, Towel/Drape, Dressing Change label

Item Number 120206
Length 8 in
Width 6 in
Height 1.25 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 8x6x1.25
Product Weight 0.2 lbs

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