With Child Simulator, 1/each

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Item Number:          260649



  • Childbirth Graphics® announces the arrival of the perfect pregnancy simulator! Wearing the With Child's, Simulator develops empathy for the unique physical challenges of being pregnant—excellent for expectant fathers in childbirth education classes or teens in pregnancy prevention programs. Users understand the physical symptoms of being pregnant while wearing the pregnancy simulator to perform simple tasks. Even just walking a few steps or sitting down can result in discomfort! While wearing the With Child's, Simulator, the physical discomforts of pregnancy that are experienced first-hand include: Weight Gain of Approx. 25 lb Abdominal Distention Pelvic Tilt Shift in Posture Causing Waddling Gait Abdominal Aches Lower Back Stress Inability to Get Comfortable Pressure on Bladder, Stomach, & Lungs Shortness of Breath Difficulty Rising From Chair or Bed Increased Breast Size Rise in Body Temperature Increased Blood Pressure & Pulse Fetal Movement Limited Breathing Decreased Mobility Tiredness The With Child's, Simulator requires minimal assembly, is designed to work on wearers of varying heights and sizes, and includes a wheeled carrying case with pop-up handle. An easy-to-use presentation guide provides teaching notes, engaging activities, usage suggestions, and care instructions. Each With Child's, Simulator comes with the following: 1 Pregnancy Simulation Torso 1 Tunic (to wear over simulation torso) 1 Timeline of Pregnancy chart 50 Comfort Measures in Pregnancy booklets 1 Presentation Guide 1 Wheeled Carrying Case

Item Number 260649
Length 18 in
Width 10 in
Height 5 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 18x10x5
Product Weight 25 lbs

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