Alaris 8300 (Reconditioned)

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Item Number:          130232



The Alaris® EtCO2 module is used for continuous, noninvasive measurement of exhaled carbon dioxide and respiratory rate. It brings continuous respiratory monitoring to all patient care areas with an easy-to-use technology that is effective with both intubated and non-intubated mobility as well as oral or nasal breathing.
Reduce risks of opioid infusions
Customizable profiles add flexibility across all patient care areas
Utilizes sampling lines that eliminate the need for moving parts, external sensors or routine calibration
Provides patient EtCO2 sampling products to meet a broad spectrum of sampling needs available with or without oxygen delivery

Item Number 130232
Length 3.3 in
Width 8.9 in
Height 5.05 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 3.3x8.9x5.05
Product Weight 2.5 lbs

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