Reconditioned Alaris 8100 Infusion Module,1 year warranty, 1/each

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Item Number:          130210



Refurbished Alaris 8100 Infusion Module.  The Refurbished Alaris 8100 Pump Module provides a light-weight, large volume pumping module that is easily attached to the Alaris 8000 Medley to perform dose rate calculation and many other advanced features. The Alaris Pump module is designed for the delivery of fluids, medications, blood and blood products using continuous and intermittent delivery for adult, pediatric or neonatal patients. *Alaris Pump module has an LCD which displays the drug or IV fluid name, dose and rate  *Module has indicators which display channel status - red for alarm, yellow for pause, and green for infusing  *Designed for bag, bottle or syringe delivery  *Supports primary and secondary "piggyback" delivery  *The Educational Drug Library is installed on the 8100  *1 year warranty

Item Number 130210
Length 3.3 in
Width 8.9 in
Height 5.5 in
Dimensions (inches) (LxWxH) 3.3x8.9x5.5
Product Weight 2.5 lbs

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